Best Bidet Toilet Seats

The best bidet toilet seats of today are quite challenging to find. As the industry grows bigger, many variations are seen on the current market. Now, if you are looking to turn your normal toilet seat into a more functional and more advanced type, getting the perfect bidet toilet seat is what you should go for.

But, before going all through the possible matches for you, let’s first take a quick glance at the basics.

Toilet Seats and The Integration of Bidet

A toilet seat is a hinged unit consisting of a seat and usually a lid. The seat is contoured for the user to sit on. As for the lid, well, it serves as a cover for the bowl. While the lid is more often than not leftbest bidet toilet seats open, it can be closed too. And this is normally done to prevent small items from falling in.

As time flies by, these seats have developed into something more than just to sit on.  The integration of toilet and bidet rose up.

In 1980, the first “paperless toilet” was launched in Japan. It’s a combination of toilet and bidet which also dries the user after washing. And not long after, the bidet toilet seats were born.

Generally, bidet toilet seats normally provide different features. These originally include a heated seat, a bidet, and a blow drier. But today, instead of having only one to three functions, they pretty much have more than a dozen of innovative features.

You would commonly see them in hotels and even some public facilities. These bidet-toilets, along with the toilet seat and bidet units are widely available in many countries including the United States.

Well, before any of these innovations, toilets execute simple tasks – to flush and refill for the next user. But, these integrations made it quite obvious that toilets along with its fixtures are now more advanced.

Choosing The Best Bidet Toilet Seats

As mentioned, choosing the best bidet toilet seats for you can be challenging. There are a lot of factors to consider first before making a purchase. And there are several things you need to understand first.

Essentially, you need to know its functions and benefits.

Here is video on how a basic bidet works:

Some of The Best and Ideal Bidet Toilet Seats

We tested several brands and gathered enough information to come up with a list of the best bidet toilet seats of today. This may help you find the one that will suffice your utmost satisfaction.

Clean Sense dib-1500R Bidet Toilet Seat

This bidet toilet seat has amazing features. It comes with 1 pocket 3 nozzles that offer different cleansing functions. Also, users can adjust water temperature, water pressure, seat temperature and nozzle movements.

While it may come a little more expensive than other bidet seats, it apparently offers an energy-saving technology according to the Clean Sense dib-1500R review. This can largely help you save costs in the long run.


  • Energy-saving technology
  • Quick and easy-release seat for cleaning
  • Offers aerated wash and massages


  • Expensive
  • Difficult to install

Toto Washlet C100 Washlet Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

Warm and inviting is what we would use to describe this bidet toilet seat.

You can easily customize the water temperature and pressure. And other preferences are available too. The control panel is user-friendly and attachable to the wall for easy viewing.

It has a pre-mist feature that mists the toilet bowl with water first to ensure a residue-free experience.


  • Easy installation
  • Features are highly customizable
  • Features a pre-mist spray and air deodorizer


  • Too Expensive

Astor Bidet CB-1000 Toilet Seat Attachment

Astor Bidet CB-1000 is considered to be one of the most inexpensive types of bidets. While it may not provide innovative features, it offers several basic functions.

Durability is one of the best traits of the CB-1000. In this Astor Bidet CB-1000 review, you would know why its durability is out of the question. In addition, it offers retractable nozzles and custom dial controls.

Furthermore, the installation will only take a few minutes of your time.


  • Retractable nozzles
  • Inexpensive
  • Very durable


  • The nozzle doesn’t have a self-cleaning feature
  • Lacks other essential features

Brondell Swash SE400 Elongated Bidet Seat

The Brondell bidet toilet seat offers dual stainless steel nozzles that spray warm water on demand for maximum cleanliness, comfort, and hygiene.

It comes with a warm air dryer for a totally ‘hands-free’ experience. It may be simplistic overall, but this product definitely deserves its spot for being one of the best bidet toilet seats.


  • User-controlled seat temperature
  • Nozzle Sterilization
  • Highly adjustable wash settings


  • Needs prior knowledge or experience when installing

Bio Bidet Supreme BB-1000 Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

The Bio Bidet Supreme BB-1000 is a high-quality bidet toilet seat that comes with Bio Bidet’s patented invention of a hygienic nozzle with vortex water stream.

Also, you can freely adjust different wash and cleansing settings according to your needs and requirements. You can largely personalize all these functions.

Furthermore, it provides a capacitance seat sensor, power-saving mode, and self-diagnose that are all helpful in saving costs and energy consumption.


  • Vortex Nozzle System
  • Adjustable water pressure and temperature
  • Has energy-saving functions


  • Water takes a longer time to heat up

Among All Bidet Toilet Seats

In terms of affordability and features, we recommend that you go with the Toto C100 Washlet Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat.

In comparison to the other products on this list, it doesn’t cross the $200 threshold. But, it gives you the traditional and reliable functions that you would expect a bidet toilet seat to have.

While it’s not the most advanced in terms of innovations, its features are worthy enough considering its price point. And one thing’s for certain, you would surely get a whole new toilet experience with this toilet seat.

In a nutshell, bidet toilet seats have become even more popular nowadays because of the innovative solutions that cater. Although it may be challenging to find the best one for you at one glance, you would surely still locate the one that will suit your unique needs.