Bidet Costs

Bidet Costs: Average Price Range Of Bidets

Are you having concerns with your bidet purchasing? And if bidet costs are the main factor, then you must know that there is no need to worry.

As it happens, this bathroom fixture, along with its variations are very affordable. Not to mention, there a lot of models to choose from. Hence, your budget, no matter how huge or limited, will certainly find its place.

Average Price of Bidets

In recent times, the use of bidet toilets has become very apparent, especially in Asian and European countries. While in the United States, bidets aBidet Costsre typically frown upon, the number of households using these fixtures are quite increasing.

With this at hand, it is quite safe to say that the demand is also increasing. Correspondingly, the number of brands and models proportionally grows with the demand. Therefore, the range of bidet costs can be pretty wide in data.

Even so, the average price of bidets today falls in between $175 and $350. And consumers can already obtain a great deal of bidet products under these price range.

But, for a much wider perspective: bidet costs can start from as low as $15 and may reach up to thousands of dollars.

Bidet Costs Based On Types

As mentioned, the main reason why the price range of bidets today is quite wide is because of the increasing models and variations. And on the market, there are generally three types of bidets.

These types include mainly the hand-spray bidet, bidet toilet seat, and bidet seat attachment. Aside from the appearance and functions of each type, the price of each varies.

Hand-Spray Bidets

A normal and traditional hand-spray bidet costs around $20 up to $75. This is the most inexpensive type of bidet. The reason being is that the function of this fixture is pretty straightforward. Basically, it spray water when you hand presses the lever. Hence, the name.

This is the most basic type of all. While basic, many homeowners find this fixture a very beneficial and functional one.

Bidet Toilet Seats and Bidet Seat Attachments

Bidet toilet seats, like this one on Clean Sense dib-1500R Bidet Toilet Seat Review, are the more advanced type. This is because the fixture comes with a seat, along with other innovative features.

Bidets like this cost around $250 up to $400 on an average note. The given bidet costs may still decrease or increase depending on the brand and model. In fact, there are even some models that cost more than $800.

Some innovative features include adjusting water temperature, water volume, and strength of spray. Other models even offer the adjustment of seat temperature and LED lights.

For much lesser bidet costs, but more functional than bidet sprays, a bidet seat attachment can be very ideal. This bidet costs $150 up to $300. Typically, it does not come with a seat. But, it would have a nozzle and an attachment where the adjustment knobs are located.

Some of the most common features may include water temperature and strength of spray.

If you want to learn more about bidet costs and things to consider before purchasing, this video might help you: