Brief History of Bidet And Why Americans Don’t Use Them

The prominence of bidet today have become undoubtedly apparent. With its increasing demands and number of products, it seems that almost all parts of the globe are now fond of using bidets and its varieties.

While the case may seem too plausible, it’s not actually true. As it happens, Americans don’t find bidets and its spin-off products pleasing and efficient for bathroom purposes. And it is only in recent times when US residents are starting to embrace the idea of using bidets.

The First Of Bidets

Bidets apparently started in France in the 1600s. But they are far different from today’s kinds. The first bidets were actually separate wash bins that were placed inside the bedroom or dress chambers.

A century after, newer versions of these wash bins were seen. But it is only bidetin the 1800s when the early bidets were placed inside the bathroom. And this is because indoor plumbing was discovered.

While the popularity of bidets have become really apparent in the early periods, Americans “resisted” them. And the most applicable reason behind was the power of impressions. As it happened, Americans were first introduced to bidets during World War II. And during this period, troops were stationed in Europe.

Based on studies, troops would normally find these bidets inside “bordellos,” so they began to associate these things with “dirty” work. This made sense as to why they don’t want to see such things when they came home to the United States.

But as the Americans continued to resist the utilization of bidets, other countries in Europe and Asia started to embrace bidets and its variations. And in the late 60s, Japan widely revolutionized the product. This is why the most advanced and innovative bidets of today are products of the land of the rising sun.

Bidets and Bidet Toilet Seats Today

As years passed by, Asian and European countries have continued the use and improvement of bidets. And today, variations of the main product are made widely available on the market.

Bidets now come in many variations. There are those hand-nozzle types of bidets and there are those toilet seats that already come with nozzles and bidet attachments. But whatever the variation is, many regions all over the globe are now apparent users of these innovations.

These bidets also come with several innovative features. Some bidet toilet seats have LED features which light up so users would no longer need to turn on the bathroom lights. Others also have temperature control settings in these toilet seats for much more comfortable use.

It is also worth noting that these features are now backed with Science. Plus, studies have found out that it can improve the overall quality of life. This is because there are a few features that are mainly designed for health and wellness improvements.

Accordingly, it is no wonder why the demand for bidets and bidet toilet seats are quite increasing these days. And based on reception, Americans are now starting to realize the benefits and advantages of using bidets on a daily basis. Therefore, it will not be that surprising when almost all households would then choose to utilize bidets in the next few years.

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