What to Look for In Bidet Toilet Seats

Today, bidet toilet seats have become one of the most common toilet fixtures. And in many parts of the globe, it has become a necessity of daily life. While some parts of the US are yet to discover the real convenience and importance of bidets, European countries and some Asian countries have largely utilized them.

bidet toilet seatsThe industry of bidet and toilet fixtures is continuously flourishing. And with these current improvements, it is only suitable to see why the variety of bidet products have surfaced in great amounts in the recent times.

But, as the product varieties become bigger, it is quite difficult to choose which one is the right one. Many people find it difficult, especially the first-timers, to buy the best among all bidet products.

If you are intending to buy your own bidet but you don’t where to start, then you’ve come to the right place.

Factors To Consider When Buying Bidet Toilet Seats

Well, choosing the right bidet toilet can be a real challenge for some. First-time buyers can attest to this, no doubt to that as there are several factors that need to be considered first before making a purchase. Without considering these factors, it may cause a few issues in the long run that might cost you time, effort, and money. Hence, choosing your bidet toilet seat must be of a wise decision.

We have listed the most important factors that you need to look at first. Essentially, these will help you in making your decisions and in buying the most suitable bidet toilet seat for your unique needs.

Size and Shape Matters – Check It First

Bidets come in different sizes and shapes. But generally, there are two important seat sizes that are largely available on the market. One is round, and two is elongated. These seats are designed like this to match the size and shape of today’s residential toilets.

Now, it is important to take note that a standard bidet seat is 2-inches shorter than a regular toilet seat. Getting the incorrect size is one of the most common mistakes. This normally results in uncomfortable seating and un-ergonomic placing.

So, before looking for the right one, you need to know the size of your toilet seat. Knowing this will ensure a stress-free seat-shopping and bidet-toilet-seat-using experience.

Consider The Costs and Your Budget

If you think about it, getting bidet toilet seats is like getting a washing machine or a dishwasher. It is something you need to give serious thoughts and considerations. You use the toilet every day, more than once even. So, isn’t it a good enough reason for you to consider your budget?

Think of bidets as investments in the long run.

Most Americans spend about $500 for toilet papers alone, annually. And with bidets, you could actually save about 75% of these costs since a good quality bidet is pretty much a one-time purchase only. And this will last for years!

Choosing a decent quality of bidet toilet seats will guarantee you satisfying results. It will surely make you feel comfortable in using the bidet. This as opposed to being disappointed with a cheaper quality one and ditching the whole thing altogether and going back to toilet paper.

But, it is also important for you to consider that not all high-end bidets are durable. And also, not all inexpensive bidets are of cheap quality.

Electrical vs Non-Electrical

Aside from sizes, shapes, and costs, bidets can be classified as well in either electrical or non-electrical types. And normally, costs largely vary depending on these types. Expect to have much lower costs when opting for non-electrical types. They are decent and they do the job – period.

As for electrical types like Clean Sense, they are equipped with various kinds of additional features that need electricity. So, you’ll be paying for additional costs for the additional features.

Accordingly, you need to consider the available electrical outlets in your bathroom when choosing for electrical types. All bathrooms are equipped with electrical outlets but usually not near the toilet. You may opt to have an outlet installed or use an extension cord for that purpose.

Just make sure that everything is safe and won’t cause any injury. Check the electrical configuration of your bathroom before going out to buy that heated bidet toilet seat.

Durability and Materials Used

Bidets are meant to last for years. As mentioned, they are long-term investments for your toilet. And as an essential toilet fixture, they should be built to stand the test of time.

In buying your bidet toilet seats, you may want to consider what materials are used in the manufacturing them. It is where usually the durability lies. There are some seats that are made of plastics while some are made of wood. Some are treated, and some are laminated. The laminated wooden seats tend to be less durable than plastics that don’t get moisture under them.

High-grade plastics are often accompanied by high costs as well. But then again, expensive bidets do not explicitly mean that they are durable. So, you must be watchful of every part, feature, and material used when buying.

So why don’t Americans use Bidets more often? Watch this video to learn about that:

In A Nutshell

Finding the ideal bidet model for you will go a long way. Essentially, this guide can help you overcome some probable problems you may encounter when deciding which one is the best. As the options get wider and bigger, these factors will narrow it all down for you.

You just have to be very careful in your decisions. Some models would appear great and exquisite and some may not. But appearance is the least factor you should look into. Your bidet must be of great quality and durability at a very reasonable and justifiable price.

Ultimately, the best bidet toilet seats for you is the one that can cater to all your unique needs. In the end, your decisions and preferences are all that matters. So, better guide it with the right factors.