GenieBidet Seat Review

GenieBidet Seat with Hybrid T Review

Are you still using toilet papers for your cleaning routines? If that is no, then that’s great! But if it’s a yes, you may want to check this GenieBidet Seat review as it might change your mind in using toilet papers!

The use of toilet papers is still apparent today. While it may GenieBidet Seat Reviewnot be omitted thoroughly, you could actually reduce it with the use of bidets. If you want to know more about the benefits of using bidets over toilet papers, you may read it here. But, if you are already decided to get your own bidet seat attachment, then read on!

Before anything else, this review is not a piece to encourage you that this is the best buy in the market. This is only a guide for you to know what the GenieBidet Seat could offer. And also to help you know if this bidet seat could be the one you are looking for.

GenieBidet Seat Review: Is It The One?

GenieBidet is actually one of the most basic and entry-level bidet toilet seats of today. You may probably not heard of bidet seat attachments from GenieBidet. The reason behind is that this is the first bidet seat they have offered to the market.

Nevertheless, the numbers of homeowners who are utilizing this seat are quite increasing. And these are the possible reasons:


When installing the GenieBidet seat, you will only need a few minutes to finish. And since it’s a non-electrical type, there will be no wiring connections required. Although you have to measure the seats first just to be sure if it will fit.

In addition to the overall convenience, it includes installation hardware and accessories as well. Unlike other bidet toilet seats, you don’t need to buy additional accessories such as fittings and valves.

Dual Retractable NozzlesGenieBidet Seat Review

There are two retractable nozzles in this bidet seat. The first nozzle is mainly for rear cleaning which largely uses ambient-temperature water. The second nozzle is for the feminine wash.

What I like about these nozzles is that they have self-cleaning features too.

Control Switch

Although there is not much customization that you can do in this bidet, there is a switch located on the right side. This control switch is alike to the common switch for toilet flushes. And this is the main control for the dual nozzles and for the strength of spray.

It is quite simple and basic. Others may have liked the idea, but personally, I take it as a drawback. Well, for a hundred and fifty-dollar kind of bidet, it could have been more!

General Built

The GenieBidet Seat features the Hybrid T Connector. With this feature, you can easily turn on and off your valve to prevent leakages and damage.

Aside from the Hybrid T Connector, this bidet seat provides a slow closing bidet seat and lid. But, you should very well note that this design can only fit elongated toilet models.

So far, this is the most useful points that I could tell you. If you need more details and takes on the GenieBidet Seat Review, you may check it in this video:

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