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Getting A Comfortable Toilet Seat: It’s A Game Of Thrones

Finding a comfortable toilet seat is quite challenging. Of course, there are a lot of ways that you can do to make your toilet moments more comfortable. But, what’s comfortable for you, may not be comfortable for others.

You may have probably seen a lot of toilet buying guides already. And comfortable toilet seatthere’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it might help you out in finding the best toilet seat ever. However, buying the best bidet toilet seats may not be the best option.

Imagine this: You are buying a shoe. You know for a fact that you are a size 9. But the market says the best shoes in the world are in sizes 7 and lower. So, will you buy a pair of 7-inch shoes?

Of course not, because it won’t fit and it won’t be comfortable! And the same is true for toilet seats. What the market would refer as best may not be the most comfortable for your condition.

So, How Could You Get a Real Comfortable Toilet Seat?

Basically, you are the only who can really answer that. Since comfortability is quite a subjective matter, you and you alone can get to the bottom of it. But, here are some points that may help throughout the process.

#1: Know Your Comfortability Issues

The first and most basic step of all is to know all your issues and concerns when it comes to comfortability. Do you think a padded toilet seat will make your visit to the toilet much more cozy and comfy? Or do you think an adjustable heated seat will suffice?

Try to list them all down and plan ahead how you would want your toilet seat to solve it. And when you do, you’ll be surprised how this list can be very helpful.

#2: Read Reviews and Join Forum

Unlike shoes, you cannot try on using toilet seats first before buying them. So, the best alternative solution is to research. Apparently, reviews and forum are very helpful in this matter.

In these platforms and tools, you’ll get to know which one is the most suitable for your unique needs. For instance, in the Brondell Swash SE400 Review, you’ll see all the highlights of the toilet seat. Also, you’ll get to know how each feature works. And whether they are efficient or not.

As for joining a forum, you could meet a lot of actual users of different toilet seats. With them, you’ll know for sure how a certain toilet seat would work.

#3: Maintenance

Remember, unique features may cost you in the long run. Some custom-made toilet seats are difficult to manage when repairs and replacements are needed.

Also, cleanliness is a huge factor to comfort. So, make sure you consider this point as well. There are models that offer easy-cleaning features and/or self-cleaning features. You may want to look at that one.

Now, I hope this tips could help you. But, in the end – it will be your decision. So, no matter what the market and the consumers would tell you, trust your gut. Again, finding your comfortable toilet seat is a tricky game. And if this helps, you may want to see this video too: