Greenco Bidet Review

Greenco Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment Review

Greenco has been a quite popular name in the industry of home appliances. But it is only recently that the company added a new line of product in their range – bidet seat attachments. So, here I am to share with you my personal Greenco Bidet review.

Just a little background, Greenco’s Greenco Bidet Reviewvision is to provide a much greener society. Hence, it is only suitable why bidet toilet seats are now part of their product list. Well, if you haven’t noticed it yet, the use of bidets reduces significantly the use of toilet papers. And here’s a great post that largely focuses on that aspect – if you want to know more about it.

But, if you are looking for a bidet for your personal use, you may want to skip that one and continue to read on.

This review is a guide to help you decide if this is a good bidet seat attachment for you.

Greenco Bidet Review: A Quick Guide To Greenco Bidet Toilet Seat

Greenco Bidet Toilet Seat is an entry-level kind of bidet attachment. While it may provide basic features only, it pretty much does a decent job. And if this would help you, this bidet toilet seat is apparently the cheapest that I have encountered.

For less than $40, you could already have a freshwater spray bidet. But, I would just like to remind you that you should not expect for exquisite features. Well, considering the price, of course, it simply provides basic functions of a bidet.

Nevertheless, you will experience these things when you purchase the Greenco Bidet Toiler Seat:

Non-electric Control DialGreenco Bidet Review

This bidet seat features a simple control dial. It only allows you to control and adjust the water pressure and the movements of the nozzle. You could choose from low up to high levels of water sprays. But I would suggest that you stick with the lowest level since the pressure somehow surprised me. it’s quite painful though if you know what I mean.

Retractable Nozzle

The nozzle of the Greenco Bidet Toilet Seat is retractable. So, if it’s not in use,  the nozzle is hidden from sight. This also keeps it safe from germs and bacteria since it doesn’t have a self-cleaning feature.

DIY Installation

In installing the Greenco Bidet, it would only take you a few minutes to finish the whole process. And since it’s non-electrical mechanical, there will be no confusing steps in doing so. But, you should maximize the included User Manual in the package.

Also, fittings and other accessories needed for installation are already included.

Plastic Material

The Greenco Bidet Toilet Seat is largely made up of plastic including the nozzle. While it does not rust, you cannot fully depend on its durability capacity. And I would take that this is the biggest drawback of this product.

Final Thoughts

If budget is a real concern on your end when choosing for a decent toilet seat, the Greenco Bidet is a great option. But you should also remind yourself that bidets are sort of an investment. So, be very wise in buying one.

Also, if you want a more detailed Greenco Bidet review, you may check this video:

I hope this guide helps!

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