Upgrade Your Travels With A Travel Bidet

Traveling has become a popular trend nowadays. In fact, many people tend to travel across oceans and continents even without occasions. But, one thing is for sure, going to the toilet during your travels can be challenging. If you love traveling, you know for sure how uncomfortable your toilet moments can get. Luckily, having a travel bidet can avoid such circumstances.

In the recent times, travel bidets are not as popular as the traditional bidets. And there is a possibility that this is the first time you ever encountered one. But, if you want to upgrade your travels and experience the utmost toilet convenience during your trips, then you’ve come to the right place.

Some of you may think that carrying portable bidets can be strange. But, once you get to know them, you’ll certainly want to have one for your trips and travels.

What Is A Travel Bidet?travel bidet

First things, first. Travel bidets are not toilets. And they are not bidet toilets either. If you are not familiar with bidet toilets, here is an example.

As the name states, the portable bidets are handy for traveling. They are typically bottles with a nozzle. So, it is safe to say that they are very different from the usual bidets that you see in a bathroom. But they still function the same.

In principle, bidets are basically designed to clean and wash your lower extremities after using the toilet. While other bidet variations can provide innovative features such as the one in this Toto C100 Washlet review, travel bidets simply do the basic job.

When traveling, it is normal for travelers to bring toilet papers and wipes with them. But, having a travel bidet can reduce the usage of these things.

How To Use It and How Does It Work?

Unlike bidet seats and attachments, a portable bidet does not need installation or any of the like. You simply put a portion of water inside the bottle, tighten the lid, and there – off you go.

As for its nozzle, some models provide a nozzle holder. Others, on the other hand, are designed as foldable nozzles. When you get to see one for yourself, you’ll know eventually how to use it.

After doing your business in the bathroom, you simply make sure that nozzle is placed efficiently to the bottle. And once it is in position, just point it on the area that you want to wash and squeeze the bottle. This kind of model is usually the mechanical type. Other models are apparently battery-powered.

Travelers who have special needs when it comes to cleaning and washing their lower extremities can use travel bidets too. The bottle is not limited to water. They can contain washing solutions and other chemicals too.

But, Do They Really Work?

Apparently, yes. But, the overall quality still depends on the brand, model, and design as there are a lot of bidet variations available on the market today. Nevertheless, a travel bidet is a much more effective alternative to wipes and toilet papers.

Not convinced? Check this video and see it for yourself!