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Why Using Bidet Is Greener Than Toilet Paper

Did you know that using bidet is much more recommendable today than using toilet papers?

Discussing anyone’s toilet businesses is pretty unusual and uncommon. Not only that it’s too personal, it is also quite “unhygienic” for many. Accordingly, it is not everyday that you would hear someone sharing their personal experiences during their times in the toilet.

However, this is not the case for many experts today. While not dwelling on details, using toilet paper is not very practical as per assertions. And the main reason behind is the fact that many resources have been impacted by simply using toilet papers.

These findings and realizations started to emerge when bidets came into light. As it happens, using bidet naturally omits the use of toilet papers. Accordingly, green experts and advocacies started to differentiate the pros and cons of using the products. And based on results, bidets are much “greener” than toilet papers.

Bidet and The World

In recent times, the use of bidet has not yet been fully accepted by everyone. bidet toiletWhile the product has been patronized in various European and Asian countries, the case is far different in the United States. As it happens, only a tiny percentage in the American population utilize bidets and the rest of its forms.

For Americans, the use of toilet papers are more apparent. And the idea of “spraying water” to your “bottoms” is very peculiar. So, it’s basically the basis why bidets are not very popular in the American territory.

Using Bidet vs. Using Toilet Papers

Regardless of the popularity of bidets, many experts recommend using bidet than toilet papers. Unfortunately, a lot of research and studies conclude that toilet papers, in general, cause nothing but harm, especially to the environment.

Toilet Paper Usage

According to many green advocacies, the toiler paper industry is “responsible” for the apparent destruction of 27,000 trees per day. Annually, the number even reaches to over 3 million. Hence, this has become really problematic as it impacts the environment as well as everyone.

Another factor why using toiler papers is now being frowned upon is because flushing toiler papers causes a waster waste amounting to 37 gallons. And this is really detrimental to the environment.

Bidet Usage

On the other hand, using bidet is much more recommendable in the sense that the overall water waste is only at a pint. Hence, there is a huge difference between the two. Aside from the water waste volume, limiting and even eliminating the use of toilet papers are very possible.

It is also worth noting that various bidet models today now offer innovative features that can further save energy and water consumptions. One great example can be seen in this Bio Bidet Supreme BB-1000 Review. So, aside from its primary benefit of eliminating toilet papers, these features can further help people save resources.

With these notions at hand, it is no wonder why many people recommends using bidet, instead of toilet papers.

To know more about how using bidet is much greener than toilet papers, this informative video might help you: