What are Bidets?

Bidets are no longer a new thing today. In fact, it has been used by several countries since the early centuries. In Europe, especially, bidets are a common sight in toilets. And this is not surprising at all since the French invented it in the 16th century. They are also used by some Asian countries which come as bidet toilet hybrids that are as amusing as they are functional.

However, they have not yet saturated the North American marketplace. To most Americans, a bidet is a farfetched idea, but that seems to be gradually changing nowadays.

Evolution of Bidet and Bidet Toilet

A bidet is not a type of toilet. It is a different fixture from the toilet bowl, which you use first, then go to the bidet after. Generally, it is a shallow basin with water taps located strategically to be used to clean the nether region after doing what you came to the restroom to do.

To date back in the 16th century, bidets were originally placed in bidet toiletbedrooms. Only a select few of people could use this fixture as it is not widely offered to the public. Elites and people from high class were the only ones who have accesses to such amenities.

While the access back then was very limited, the purpose never changed at all – and that is to clean the lower extremities. It is only in the early 1900s that bidets are moved to the bathrooms and placed next to chamber pots. This is also the time when almost all people of different classes have become familiar with the use of bidets.

Benefits of Using Bidets

Today, this toilet fixture has gained a tremendous popularity all over the globe. The apparent benefits and conveniences alone that it brings to any user are enough basis.

The variations have become wider as the current market offers bidets with different kinds designs, features, and inclusions. Well, if you have ever used one, then you probably know why the bidet industry has become a real success.

There are a number of considerations to take into account when choosing the best bidets and best bidet toilet seats for your specific use. But, one thing is for sure, whichever of the many brands in the market you choose, you are bound to enjoy and reap the same benefits.

While the essence and significance of using a bidet are not yet fully established in some parts of US, more and more Americans are advocating for its use because of its many benefits over using toilet paper.
Nevertheless, here are the most seen benefits of using bidets:


Americans use an average of 7.5 billion rolls of toilet paper a year, which is millions of bidet toilettrees being cut down for this purpose alone. Some bidets have dryers attached so you will no longer need toilet paper even to dry yourself. Although there are recycled, unbleached toilet paper, this is still money that goes down the drain.

In addition, there is much more conservation seen in using bidet and bidet toilet than in using pales or buckets. Since the efficiency of cleaning your lower extremities is largely on point when using a bidet, you would surely consume much lesser amounts of water and energy.


Using toilet paper means leaving some residue on your bum, and who wants that? Not to mention that toilet paper and wipes would not allow you the use of soap!

Aside from getting a cleaner, more comfortable, and more hygienic experience, using a bidet is safer. The spread of infectious diseases is much lesser because there will be less contact when using bidets especially the ones that are made automatic and hands-free. You can even purchase a bidet toilet combo in one and save yourself some money.

Safe for the Skin

Toilet paper and wipes can cause some skin irritations. And remember those residues mentioned above? They are usually the causes of different skin diseases. Well, in this case – the use of bidet is a great solution especially for people with hemorrhoids. Those with extra-sensitive skin will also benefit from using a bidet. New mothers and senior citizens will have an easier time with personal hygiene with a bidet right next to their toilets.

Less Septic System Problems

Toilet paper clogging has been one of the common problems of most septic systems nowadays. This usually occurs in public areas and cities with a higher population, especially in North America. Even the supposedly environment-friendly “flushable wipes” are not faultless either. They still clog pipes badly enough to garner the nickname ‘fatbergs.’

Now, with the use of bidets, this kind of septic system problem can dramatically decrease as people would then resort to using bidets instead of toilet papers and wipes.

Ease of Use

Convenience is one of the greatest advantages of using bidets. For automatic and hands-free bidet system, you will only need one press of the button. As for manual bidets, you will only need to hold and press the handle. And voila, clean and clear!

In addition to convenience, bidets are pretty inexpensive too. For a hundred dollars or less, you can already have your own bidet. So, there is no excuse as to why you can’t have them in your own house. In fact, some bidet toilet seats are equipped with innovative features are much cheaper than the total sum of your toilet tissue costs.

And with this kind of comfort and convenience, you would not want to go back to using toilet paper.

Here’s a great video that you can look up for using a bidet.

In Conclusion

Think of it as a mini-shower for your derriere; bidets can make you feel squeaky-clean and will give you the joyful feeling of helping conserve mother earth. Yes, using bidets also means using more water. However, it is proven that more water, bleach, and electricity is used in the manufacturing of toilet paper.

We all know that water is the universal solvent and cleaning with water is more effective than using toilet paper. The use of bidets is still in its infancy in North America probably because of the many prejudices attached to it. However, more people are getting aware and are starting to embrace this modern way of following a good hygiene habit.