toilet that sprays water

The Wonders of Having A Toilet That Sprays Water

Have you ever tried cleaning your lower extremities without using a toilet paper? If that is a yes, then great. But, if not, then you are missing a lot! Have you ever heard about a toilet that sprays water?

Yes, a toilet that sprays water to clean yourself after doing your business!

A lot of people nowadays, especially in most parts of North America, are not that familiar with the use of water and soap after using the toilet. Although it’s a common practice, some people prefer to use toilet papers instead.
But, little did they know that there is a great alternative to that kind of cleaning routine. And it’s called bidets!

There are many types and forms of bidets in the recent times. You would seetoilet that sprays water bidet showers, bidet toilet seats, and bidet toilet attachments. Prices could range from $30 all the way to hundreds of dollars, even thousands! And they all quite possess features that can help you clean all the dirt from your lower extremities!

You would normally see them on hotels, universities, commercial buildings, and residential homes. In some countries, like Japan and Korea, the use of bidets is pretty much common already. Although it originated largely in European countries, the most exquisite types can be found in Asia.

The bidet industry is still growing today. A lot of actual users attest to the real convenience it brings. And after knowing most of them, you’ll pretty much want to have one on your own.

So, what are the wonders of having a bidet?

It Cleans Efficiently

Wiping your lower extremities after using the toilet can leave a few marks. And you don’t want that, for sure. Now, bidets are designed to give you the utmost cleanliness. Advanced bidets such as the one in this Brondell Swash SE400 review can provide you cold and hot water for cleansing, feminine wash, air dryer, and even a night light feature to lead you to the toilet. Quite awesome, right?

Gives You Real Comfort

Your time in the toilet is one of the most personal things you do on a daily basis. And it is only suitable that you find yourself comfortable during these times. Now, bidets can give you that. Some bidets feature an aerated technology that provides massages and bubble cleansing. Also, most bidet toilet seats offer adjustable heated seats to give you a warm and cozy feeling.

It Advocates A Green Movement

When you use bidets, it only means that you reduce as well the use of toilet papers. In fact, you could entirely omit the use of toilet papers! And in doing so, you can save a lot of water, trees, and energy. It’s for the planet! Also, imagine the money that you could save in a year.

In totality, these are only some of the greatest wonders of having a toilet that sprays water. If you want to learn more about bidets, you may refer to this video:

Also, I hope this made you think how bidets can be really beneficial to your everyday living.